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Futureproof design and validation with a flexible, single toolchain

Replacing the human driver promises more productivity, comfort and safety. However, uneasiness remains as failure puts lives and reputations at risk. A single entity cannot accomplish this ultimate challenge as ADAS and AD validation workflows often consist of many disparate pieces. By seamlessly connecting solutions, you can increase coverage, accelerate development and improve quality to test the infinite scenarios required to achieve autonomous vehicles and ultimately save lives.

NI partners with OEM and Tier 1 suppliers by offering best-in-class solutions and connecting with subject-matter experts to ensure interconnectivity across workflows, encompassing data record, replay, and HIL and SIL.

At ADAS & Autonomous Vehicle Technology Expo in California, NI will show visitors how to develop more quickly by leveraging work across design and validation through its single toolchain that can perform reliable tests at each stage and futureproof systems with a flexible solution.

Through the company’s toolchain, customers can combine instrument-grade I/O, GB/s throughput, timing and sync, triggering and edge computing capabilities for smart data reduction to increase data quality. They can also leverage customization and third-party openness to futureproof datalogging systems.

Users can also streamline the development of ADAS and AD with a unified test architecture designed for interoperability between replay and HIL in the same system and keep requirements from outgrown test capabilities with a variety of I/O for cameras, buses, radar and other ADAS sensors.

Finally, users can maximize virtual test case productivity and repeatability through high-fidelity and physics-based sensor models utilizing state-of-the-art AD simulators.

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