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Day 2: ADAS recording-equipped vehicle, and ADAS replay and HIL validation

NI is on-site at ADAS & Autonomous Vehicle Technology Expo in San Jose to showcase its latest innovations for virtual validation, including its ADAS recording-equipped vehicle and its ADAS replay and HIL validation.

By combining its strengths with those of trusted third-party experts, NI works with customers to build a connected ADAS and automated driving (AD) validation workflow to get vehicles to market faster. The company recently launched a fleet of ADAS vehicles equipped with the high-performance in-vehicle data recording and storage solution from NI and Seagate Technologies, with integration services from ADAS experts Konrad Technologies and VSI Labs. The collaboration enables a connected workflow by combining best-in-class technologies across the global ecosystem. 

An ADAS recording-equipped vehicle will be on display in San Jose to show attendees how these industry leaders are working together to improve the data challenges facing ADAS and autonomous driving engineering teams.

NI is also demonstrating its new ADAS replay and HIL solution aggregating recorded or synthetic data to validate perception software on ADAS ECUs.

Built on its open system architecture, NI creates a seamlessly connected ADAS and AD workflow from data recording to replay and hardware in the loop (HIL). This single toolchain across the product development workflow incorporates open, modular hardware and test automation software, and connects to AV simulation environments to increase productivity and reuse.

Brenda Vargas, senior solutions marketing manager, automotive (transportation: validation) at NI, revealed live on Day Two, “It is really important for us to show at an ADAS focused event, talk to OEMs and follow trends, as the AV industry is changing so fast, with lots of startups. The Bay area is a good gathering of these companies. The NI system is a customized, open platform and its ecosystem helps them go to market faster. It provides a complete solution, bringing best-in-class partners and helping to break the silos into their workflow.”

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