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Solutions for CPD and vehicle validation

4activeSystems is a market leader in advanced testing technologies for active vehicle safety. It provides innovative solutions to reduce road fatalities, such as test dummies and moving robots, and to ensure safety and compliance with the highest international standards.

At ADAS & Autonomous Vehicle Technology Expo in San Jose, 4activeSystems will showcase its solutions for child presence detection (CPD) and physical and virtual validation.

The company wants to help those who cannot help themselves. Technological solutions for CPD are available that can detect a child’s presence in the vehicle and alert the vehicle user or third-party services. Since 4activeSystems is always in compliance with standards and safety regulations (NCAP/UNECE), its new product will help prevent any harm that might occur. The 4activeOD – new-born for advanced CPD systems with realistic radar, infrared and camera response and various humanlike movement and breathing patterns – will play a vital role in preventing tragic accidents in overheated cars. The dummy can imitate many realistic movements of real infants, for example, breathing, moving or sleeping.

The field of vehicle validation is becoming more important and complex. 4activeSystems is working on developing solutions for this purpose and supporting OEMs, system suppliers and proving ground users in their validation activities. In the future, physical validation will not be sufficient to cover all the scenarios, so the issue of virtual validation is becoming increasingly significant. For this purpose, 4activeSystems has developed an open control center that brings the two worlds together. The company is working to offer customers a complete solution package that is compatible with several virtual tools already available on the market.

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