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Day 2: High-accuracy global precise point positioning (PPP) and orientation in nearly any environment

At the inaugural expo in San Jose, Trimble is showcasing its proprietary RTX technology that can deliver 2cm accuracy for certain applications, with better than 10cm performance for lane-level positioning on the road.

According to Marc Davis, marketing communications at Trimble, high-accuracy positioning and orientation are crucial to any safety-critical application. If onboard relative sensors such as radar or cameras go offline or are impeded by inclement weather conditions such as a driving snowstorm, absolute precise positioning still contributes data to the vehicle to help maintain lane-level positioning.

To date, the technology has enabled well over 30 million miles (48 million kilometers) of incident-free autonomous driving for OEMs.

Trimble’s autonomous solutions are customized to meet the unique requirements of each of its OEM and Tier 1 and 2 customers. The solutions are comprised of multiple positioning and orientation technologies that work in concert with one another to deliver highly accurate, reliable positioning in nearly any road environment: augmented GNSS, inertial positioning and DMI can all be integrated to meet the dynamic challenges of varying driving environments around the world.

Trimble exhibited at the ADAS & Autonomous Vehicle Technology Expo in Stuttgart earlier this year, which Marc Davis says proved to be a good venue for the company to engage with OEMs and their extended technology ecosystem.

Marcus McCarthy, Trimble’s director of on-road autonomy, is presenting on Day Two of the conference at 1:55pm on ‘Lessons learned from 10+ million miles of autonomous driving.’

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