Some of the new products on show

EMI shielding film

Tatsuta will be at the expo to explain how its EMI shielding film, designed for flexible printed circuits (FPC), has achieved a remarkable reduction in thickness as a result of the company's advanced coating technology.

For example, the recently developed SF-HF 3900R2-C shielding film boasts a thickness of just 13μm. This breakthrough not only allows for a thinner FPC but also addresses electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) issues in electronics through its superior shielding performance and support for high-speed transmission.

Traditionally, the prevalent method of countering EMI involved applying thick copper with adhesion as a protective measure. However, this approach increased the overall thickness of the FPC and necessitated additional processes, such as coating adhesion on copper. In contrast, using Tatsuta's shielding film eliminates the need for extra procedures or specialized equipment for FPC manufacturers.

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