Some of the new products on show

All-in-one data service platform to scale up AI

Infiniq, a leading AI data service provider in Korea, will showcase its most up-to-date data processing technology for autonomous driving: the Infiniq DataStudio all-in-one data service platform.

Scalability is critical to take autonomous driving to the next level. Increasingly large volumes of data are needed from different locations with various types of edge cases to improve the AI. Infiniq provides an all-in-one data service platform where collecting, cleansing and annotating mass data is possible from anywhere in the world without breaking the bank. The company has based its processing pipeline on a DataOps framework to allow auto-profiling, discovery, recycling and reuse of data, thereby increasing project speed and reducing the cost.

Real data is required at all stages of the AV development lifecycle. It is used to train and develop AI software, test and validate AV systems, and validate synthetic data in simulation. Infiniq can provide high-quality data sets according to the specifications of its customers on their desired delivery cycles. The company also provides AI algorithms for face and object detection and human behavior prediction.

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