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Day 2: World’s smallest platform robot for VRU tests receives full Euro NCAP approval

On Day 2 of ADAS & Autonomous Vehicle Technology Expo, Humanetics is showcasing its comprehensive portfolio of active safety test equipment, including its ultra-flat overrunnable (UFO) platform robots, soft target vehicles and self-driving driving robots.

According to Kelli Baird, marketing and communications at Humanetics, “The company also supply services globally, allowing you to take your testing pretty much anywhere.” Its remotely operated, GPS-enabled UFOs allow vehicle manufacturers to test the latest advanced crash avoidance systems in real-world scenarios. “The products are designed by practitioners and are built to be durable – crash after crash,” Baird said. “They are easy to transport to different locations and come fitted with removable batteries to allow for uninterrupted testing.”

Baird continued, “Our booth shows three of the four UFOs we have in our portfolio, including the UFONano – which just received full Euro NCAP approval,” revealed Kelli. “This means that it is now the world’s smallest platform robot for VRU tests listed in TB029, as well as the only one that has the ability to turn on the spot. This allows the small, handy, state-of-the-art nano robot to replace the previous rope pulling systems, offering 2D maneuvers for realistic pedestrian behavior.”

The UFOs represent just part of the total active safety suite Humanetics offers, further proving the commitment it has to protecting humans.

Booth: 3020

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