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Image-grade lidar for superior perceptive detection

LSLiDAR will exhibit its high-quality LS series products. These are embedded with the 1,550nm pulsed fiber laser lidar for autonomous driving. Image-grade lidar has a unique ability for superior perceptive detection, allowing it to form a high-definition image with clear detail.

The LS series contains various auto-grade lidar models with a scanning capability of 128/256/512 lines. All models are embedded with a 1,550nm fiber laser for line/path scanning and have a measuring point rate up to 1.6/3.2/6.4 million points per second with highly impressive accuracy ranging to +/- 2cm. The point cloud imaging capabilities of this series are currently in a leading position in the lidar industry.

The series has a 120° x 25° field-of-view (FOV) with a high angular resolution of 0.09° x 0.05°. The whole field-of-view is considered in the ROI area, which can detect and identify all objects entering the field of view. LSLiDAR claims that the most important factor is that the dynamic ROI scan area can also be customized with higher resolution. These key ingredients provide sufficient and reliable road-environment-related information for cars, which plays an important role in improving road safety and making autonomous driving more intelligent.

It uses IEC-60825-certified 1,550nm fiber laser, which is more friendly and safe for human eyes. The LS series enhances the transmitting power and improves the detection range, with a maximum detection range of 500m. The detection range can reach up to 250m under the condition of 10% reflectivity. This can provide sufficient safe redundancy distance for intelligent driving and can perceive road conditions ahead to make autonomous driving safer.

The LS series has a compact internal structure (ultra-thin size of 225 x 106 x 45mm), more than 20% smaller than similar products available in the market. It can be subtly embedded in the car body without affecting the aesthetic design.

According to LSLiDAR, the series has become the most cost-effective lidar in the automotive industry, boasting the outstanding advantages of in-house key components, which will accelerate the assembly of 1,550nm fiber-laser lidar.

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