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Scalable measurement data acquisition for ADAS development

Powerful ECUs are used to coordinate the complex sensor networks that inform ADAS and autonomous driving platforms. These must be capable of processing huge quantities of data and deriving driving strategies from this data within milliseconds. To develop these complicated control strategies efficiently, development of the software functions is shifting to the lab. Wherever possible, virtualization is replacing experiments based on real hardware. This approach relies on adequate validation of the models with real environment data. This requires reliable, flexible tools for efficient data acquisition as well as the possibility of accessing data via a cloud or backend.

To manage data acquisition from multiple high-performance control units and vehicle sensors, ETAS provides its powerful GETK ECU interface technology. This can handle vast amounts of data and connect a microprocessor’s PCIe interface to the recording system. The V-GETK (virtual ETK) comes into play during the prototyping phase, if a production-ready ECU and sensor hardware are not yet available.

In San Jose, ETAS will show RALO (Rapid Logging), a Linux-based, modular, scalable data acquisition control and recording system to develop ADAS ECUs. The system can be used during test drives or in virtual test environments. It is portable, Ethernet-based and can be run on any PC for logging external data.

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