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Maximizing vehicle and sensor performance with intelligent, customizable cleaning systems
Kautex / Kautex Textron

Dirt, debris, weather and other environmental conditions can affect the performance of vehicle sensors. With the Kautex Allegro cleaning system, sensors are kept clear. Using both water and air cleaning, the performance of the vehicle and its sensors remains optimal.

With its expertise in cleaning systems and unique Allegro dynamic test bench, Kautex can simulate real-world environmental situations, including vehicle speed, temperature and rain. Experience in testing and simulation is applied to the Allegro Premium Cleaning System software, which controls the actuators of the cleaning system. The company’s software defines the best cleaning strategy based on sensor state, sensor prioritization and driving conditions. In doing so, Kautex optimizes cleaning time and minimizes water and energy consumption.

Intelligent and customizable Allegro cleaning systems can be used from L1 to L5 vehicles, from single camera cleaning points to camera and lidar combinations, up to multipoint sensor systems in highly automated vehicles. The Kautex Allegro cleaning system is designed and developed to meet any customer cleaning needs.

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