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Measure relative positions and velocity between multiple vehicles

Dewesoft provides an effective solution for ADAS testing with highly accurate GPS positioning systems to measure relative positions and velocity between multiple vehicles and objects. GPS-based position measurement technology is used to provide a highly accurate, easy-to-use ADAS test system. RTK (real-time kinematic) option for GPS sensors provides high positioning accuracy (< 2cm). A static GPS base station sends the GPS correction data over to the moving vehicles.

Two or more vehicles can be connected and observed. Synchronized data from all vehicles provides very accurate position and distance information relative to each other and/or to a fixed object. In addition, DS-IMU2 provides accurate measurement of all vehicle dynamics, including side-slip angle. All data is transferred to a master system that obtains real-time measurement results during the test run.

A robust WLAN solution is used to keep the communication between the vehicles up to a distance of 1km. There is theoretically no limit to the number of vehicles in this measurement – only the WLAN bandwidth limitation.

Key features include reliable GPS and IMUs, easy-to-use software, synchronized acquisition of multiple sources (including CAN, CAN FD, OBD II, J1939, FlexRay, XCP/CCP, video, etc), application templates, < 2cm accuracy, Polygon, unlimited channel expansion, lifetime free software upgrades and support, and a limited seven-year hardware warranty.

Whether your testing includes collision avoidance, blind spot detection, lane departure warning and lane assist systems, adaptive cruise control, or driver monitoring and reaction measurements, Dewesoft has the experience, hardware and software required.

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