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High-accuracy RTK-enabled datalogger
VBOX Automotive

With a growing demand for both higher levels of accuracy and the ability to test anywhere, VBOX Automotive will present a wide range of high-accuracy RTK-enabled testing and validation solutions including the all-new VBOX 3i (ADAS), VBOX Sigma and VBOX Touch RTK.

The VBOX 3i is a flexible and intuitive datalogger developed exclusively for ADAS testing. Featuring the latest in multi-constellation, dual-frequency RTK GNSS receiver technology, it offers robust signal reliability to maintain RTK accuracy.

The resilient RTK delivers centimeter-level accuracy even in challenging conditions, ensuring consistent ADAS testing both at proving grounds and on the open road.

The VBOX Sigma is a cost-effective, RTK-enabled datalogger with an integrated NTRIP modem that delivers centimeter-level positional accuracy in challenging environments, making it an ideal reference for ground truth. Its multi-constellation, multi-frequency GNSS engine offers outstanding RTK performance even in areas with poor and multi-path satellite coverage. This highly accurate position validation is ideally suited to AV development, providing an affordable solution for position logging of multiple vehicles.

VBOX Touch RTK is an incredibly versatile datalogger that offers robust position accuracy and precise measurements of speed and distance. The dedicated vehicle separation app delivers an efficient and easy-to-install solution for measuring and recording the distance between two moving targets, making it an ideal, cost-effective addition to any ADAS test toolkit.

For indoor automotive and ADAS testing, the VBOX Indoor Positioning System (VIPS) has established itself as an industry-leading solution. VIPS can run up to five target vehicles simultaneously and deliver centimeter-level accuracy at high speeds, with no loss of data between indoor and outdoor transitions or moving between building levels.

Installations at the world’s longest indoor AV test track at AstaZero Test Site in Sweden, and in the test hall at CARISSMA at the Ingolstadt University of Technology, have contributed to further improvements to the performance and capabilities of VIPS.

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