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Day 2: Moving ground plane enables full vehicle aerodynamic testing in a controlled environment
ACE - Ontario Tech University

ACE – Ontario Tech University is showcasing its moving ground plane on Day Two at ADAS & Autonomous Vehicle Technology Expo.

“The enhancement project features three main areas that have been upgraded to support the installation of the moving ground plane (MGP),” explained marketing manager, Andrew Karski, live at the expo. “The project involves enhancements to the wind tunnel, airflow quality and acoustics, and the addition of advanced aerodynamic force measurement devices (MGP, drag links and wheel hubs, force measurement systems) and some building modifications and enhancements.”

He continued, “the moving ground plane enables the air flow under the vehicle to replicate as closely as possible the aerodynamic flow of a vehicle on the road. In this way, full vehicle aerodynamic testing in a controlled environment is conducted in a way that has more value to OEMs.”

The moving ground plane boasts impressive specifications, including weighing 150,000lbs, measuring 1178-1696mm in width, with a maximum speed of 210km/h, and belt force measurement capable of up to 8000N per wheel. It will give both the motorsport industry and OEMs the tools to conduct research in a high-tech environment, help companies and researchers create new energy-efficient products such as active aero, maximize energy efficiency and reduce carbon emissions.

“Many of the autonomous vehicle and ADAS companies in California have been conducting testing at ACE for years,” said Karski. “ADAS & Autonomous Vehicle Technology Expo is an opportunity to meet with our current clients and develop new relationships in person where these companies are located and to present our newest test capability. In addition, ACE has participated in Automotive Testing Expo in Novi, MI for a long time and we knew from that experience that this expo would have value for ACE and our customers.”

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