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Multi-DUT signaling and non-signaling RF test platform
Noffz Technologies

Testing of connected car components is usually twofold: wireless functionality needs to be validated in both signaling and non-signaling modes.

At ADAS & Autonomous Vehicle Technology Expo in California, Noffz will showcase its UTP 7064 test system that covers it all. A COTS rack houses the Noffz Universal Wireless Tester (UWT) for non-signaling verification and the Noffz Base Station Emulator for signaling validation. Both are controlled via one software interface.

Noffz UTP 7064 offers complete protocol stack implementation combined with calibrated measurement capabilities. Cellular coverage includes GSM, WCDMA, LTE and 5G NR, making it a perfect fit for all automotive TCUs (telematic control units), NADs (network access devices), IAMs (intelligent antenna modules) and connected gateways. Optional extensions for WLAN functionality up to Wi-Fi 6 or Bluetooth 5.x are available.

Additional wireless functionality – such as UWB for keyless access, onboard units for automatic toll payment or EV charging stations with mobile access – increases the driver’s comfort. At the same time, all these connected car components need to be thoroughly tested, for which Noffz UTP 7064 is perfect.

Designed as a multi-DUT test system, the Noffz UTP 7064 can connect 64 DUT RF ports. The configuration options enable true 4x4 MIMO or eight DUTS tested and monitored in parallel while registered to one mobile cell.

The Base Station Emulator software incorporates tasks for testing and monitoring multiple DUTs in parallel. The new measurement plug-in web service extends high-level signaling parameters with selectable physical layer measurements and control switches and offers an intuitive configuration interface. For debugging, users can also access a standalone GUI for prototyping tasks and use modern, platform-dependent API for test automation.

This solution combines a parameter and monitoring test station in a single rack. For higher throughput and better test times, or for future testing needs, the rack can be easily upgraded with additional RF analyzers, generators and other test equipment.

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