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Testing and validation of tools for ADAS and autonomous driving

At ADAS & Autonomous Vehicle Technology Expo San Jose, b-plus will present its latest technologies and solutions that enable the testing and validation of tools for ADAS and autonomous driving. The AVETO Toolbox offers a complete system consisting of hardware and software components for the recording, analysis and processing of many sensors – such as cameras, lidars and radars – for the entire validation of automotive test data. The modular system can be adjusted and scaled according to customer requirements.

The modular and compact BRICK system was developed for the acquisition of raw data from sensors or ECUs during test drives. It is equipped with high-performance ports and storage to guarantee the success of various clustering and data collection management tasks. It is possible to configure XTSS time synchronization according to customer requirements.

Data integrity is monitored by AVETO Toolbox, beginning with the decoupling and tapping of interfaces via MDILink. It is a SerDes measurement data converter to be utilized whenever users want to extract raw data from advanced sensor technology such as cameras, radars or lidars. The MDILink offers modular configuration options for high-speed serial interfaces such as FPD-Link III or GMSL 2. Data is time-stamped based on synchronized clocks within the interfaces. The recording hardware and software can monitor each frame loss or error on the transport line.

The harvested data is recorded with Recorder, which captures high bandwidth measurement data from cameras, radars and associated bus data such as automotive Ethernet, CAN and CAN FD. The software is designed for demanding logging solutions in the multi-gigabit range. It meets the requirements of development engineers and test drivers with intelligent tagging, triggered recordings and an intuitive user interface. The function blocks of Recorder deliver a seamless, futureproof measurement solution for the decoupling, transport and recording of sensor raw data from the sensor front-end to the in-vehicle storage system.

The Developer visualization software enables users to visualize sensor data from cognitive sensors such as cameras, radars and 3D sensors and, parallel to this, the corresponding vehicle buses or Ethernet. Camera images and bus interfaces (such as CAN messages) are displayed in correlation with GPS data.

Sensor developers can implement sensors source objects in C++ with the Recorder SDK (software development kit). It is also possible to integrate individual algorithms into the framework.

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