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Amy Mushahwar

Amy is a partner in Alston & Bird’s privacy, cyber and data strategy team. She has over 25 years of experience in the technology space and focuses her practice on data security, cyber risk, privacy and emerging technologies. Amy advises clients on proactive data security practices, data breach incident response and regulatory compliance. She coaches companies through catastrophic security incidents and has interacted with federal and state agencies overseeing investigations. Amy designs post-incident response notification and remediation plans to ensure effective follow-up. In addition to her incident response work, she provides compliance support on applicable security laws and industry standards.


Proving cyber smart design to regulators and business partners

No one wants to build an insecure vehicle or vehicle component. However, how do you prove cyber compliance to your regulators and business partners when hindsight is often 20-20 after a breach or other brand embarrassment? Start the narrative of cyber compliance before you have your next event by building effective artifacts of cyber compliance. We will discuss applicable cyber standards and key areas of regulator concerns; cyber infrastructure components for your enterprise and design teams; documenting interim non-compliance (and compliance improvements); cyber artifacts of compliance to generate/monitor; strategies for consistently communicating compliance.