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Jason Marks

Jason has worked in autonomous vehicle software development and lidar hardware development for the last five years. He has architected test strategies for automotive car makers (OEMs), Tier 1 suppliers and semiconductor organizations, and specializes in testing ‘black box’ machine-learning-based systems.


Improve scenario-based testing to ensure the safety of autonomous vehicles and ADAS

We’re witnessing a radical digital transformation in the automotive industry. And one of the challenges that we’re all facing in autonomous driving systems is the almost infinite number of scenarios that need to be accounted for to ensure safe and reliable products reach the market. In this session, learn more about how NI’s ADAS solutions are being incorporated with Foretellix’s Foretify test management platform as part of our strategic partnership to deliver an end-to-end workflow solution to improve scenario-based testing and coverage and help automotive companies bring to market safer and more reliable driver-assistance systems and autonomous vehicles.