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James Singer

James graduated from Utah State University with a BSc and MSc in Electrical Engineering. He began his career working in the server industry as a hardware design engineer. As a technologist for the last 29 years, he has been employed by Compaq, RLX Technologies, HP/HPE and Everspin. He has been working for Dell Technologies as a technologist in the CTIO office for two and a half years, focused on intelligent connected vehicles and edge use cases.


Scaling your ADAS/AD platform is not as easy as you think

Reducing your ADAS/AD development cycle dramatically, while on a budget, requires you to optimize scale by sizing the right amount of storage, compute and GPUs. You also have to solve sensor data management challenges across the entire data lifecycle, from edge to core to cloud. See how to configure an L2-L5 autonomous vehicle simulation environment using Dell Technologies hardware integrated with industry-standard software and partner applications, to reduce development cycle time without sacrificing quality or performance at scale. In this session we will showcase an open, end-to-end reference architecture that includes an ecosystem of AI software suppliers for autonomous technology development.