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Gordan Galic

Gordan has 25 years of experience with FPGA technology. Since joining Xylon in 1997, he has worked as an FPGA designer and project leader on a multitude of projects, including those that globally introduced FPGA technology to many infotainment and ADAS development companies. In his current position as the head of Xylon marketing, Gordan participates in the definition of Xylon’s automotive video datalogging solutions and spends most of his time driving evangelical and enabling activities focused on integrating Xylon products into customer test and validation and video ADAS/AD applications.


HIL simulations reach a higher dimension of realism

Xylon and rFpro teamed up to explore methods of connecting hardware ECUs to simulation software. In this presentation we will describe how we immerse a real-world Surround View parking assistance ECU into a simulated world seen by four fully modeled virtual HD video cameras placed on the vehicle model driving along virtual roads. This ADAS ECU was selected based on its highly visual nature and required transfers of large amounts of video data. We will outline the challenges and solutions for quick and precise translations between physical and virtual domains that enable this full-speed and high-bandwidth HIL simulation setup.