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Aaron Newman

With a BS Physics from University of Arizona, Aaron was a Nuclear Engineer in the Navy. He has been in the Measurement industry in various field roles for over 25 years. He is currently conducting Business Development in the Americas for Keysight’s Automotive and Energy Solutions Team.


The gap between lab and road testing for radar sensing systems

There are numerous examples of ADAS failing in production vehicles in real road situations, whether due to challenging weather conditions, incomplete scenario testing across the n-dimensional set of variables, or even unimagined scenarios. Model in the loop (MIL) and software in the loop (SIL) fulfill important parts of the design cycle, but when systems reach the hardware in the loop (HIL) stage, realistic stimulation of radar sensors in 3D dynamic environments is non-existent. Or has been. We will present a new approach providing a realistic reflection environment, including things like ground clutter, guardrail and overpass returns, and targets behind targets, with independent motion and reflection characteristics. Such a system made traceable to NIST will provide an environment in which every variable can be iterated, even down to weather. Dangerous scenarios can be tested with high confidence. Every new release of code can be regression tested against critical corner scenarios. This new paradigm will bring safer vehicles to market more quickly.