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Robert Dingli

Robert leads the vehicle integration, systems engineering and functional safety efforts for Plus’s self-driving system that enables autonomous trucks. He has over 30 years of experience in automotive engineering and R&D management, with deep expertise in autonomous vehicle systems engineering and integration. Prior to joining Plus, Robert worked in Tesla’s autopilot autonomous vehicle team, where he oversaw the development and promotion of functional safety, integration and controls architecture. Previously, he spent 10 years at Ford Motor Company and General Motors-Holden, where he held senior development engineering positions.


Functional safety is critical to commercially viable self-driving trucks

Trucks will be the first autonomous vehicles to be commercialized. Bringing self-driving trucks to market will require advanced AI techniques and critical functional safety elements designed into the architecture, processes and operations at all levels of the company. This presentation will outline the key considerations and steps to meet functional safety requirements and how Plus is approaching safety. This will include Plus’s safety strategy and approach when developing autonomous trucks; the development process and functional safety, including processes and tools; safety standards and best practices.