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Stuart Mitchell

Dr Stuart Mitchell received his DPhil from the University of York in 1994. Early work focussed on in-car networking using CAN before moving on to develop IP-based networking for embedded devices. In 2004, Stuart developed the prototype for what became the AUTOSAR Run-time environment (RTE) and has contributed to the AUTOSAR standard, primarily on architecture related topics, since then. Stuart is currently responsible for developments within the AUTOSAR Adaptive Platform related to Execution Management and also contributes to the ETAS AUTOSAR Adaptive Platform developments.


Flexible, Scalable Measurement and Recording for ADAS Systems

Drawing on experience gained testing self-driving cars both on and off public roads we explore the AD problem space and the requirements for data measurement and storage. Taking those requirements, we show how they lead us to the development of a retargetable deterministic software platform including comprehensive data and control flow recording for re-play/re-compute support and a range of data collection mechanisms involving both HW and SW. Exploring the capabilities of each solution we show how the ETAS AOS platform can support the development, deployment, validation and verification of AD software from development through to series project.