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Loïc Juillard

Loïc leads the research and product development of Sama’s training data solutions for AI/ML. He has over 20 years of extensive experience in the AI and cloud services industry with a proven track record of leading the development of large-scale AI, data analytics and cloud solutions for leading companies including Salesforce.com, AT&T and Unity Technologies. Loïc holds an MSc in computer science from UTBM, France.


Concerned about safety? Your training data could be veering you off course

The largest autonomous vehicle companies are grappling with the issue of limited data diversity to cover the range of scenarios encountered on the road. Leveraging the current data collection and annotation process, self-driving cars will not see the road for many years to come. This informative session will explain how Sama leverages an adaptive data annotation process with rapid feedback to eliminate a range of key safety issues currently encountered by all major autonomous vehicle vendors. It will also share the Sama methodology to provide 3x acceleration to data generation and optimization of your overall data generation costs.