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Leo Breton

Leo pioneered real-world emissions and fuel economy testing as an EPA engineer in the mid-1990s. He invented the seminal technologies still used in today’s PEMS systems and showed how data from the OBD system and a GPS device could be used for diagnostic purposes to understand the causes of emissions anomalies. To ensure real-world testing would be possible for a larger audience, he transferred the PEMS technology to market, where it has been commercially available for about 20 years. He is also the inventor of a unique hybrid powertrain and now leads advanced technologies development for Horiba.


ADAS testing – let’s not forget energy efficiency impacts!

ADAS testing methods are being developed by many organizations. There are a few different fundamental approaches to gauging the reactions of an ADAS-equipped vehicle under various scenarios for the purposes of safety and passenger comfort. If we’ve learned anything about vehicle testing, it is that test results are meaningless unless they are representative of real-world vehicle operation. But ADAS systems and algorithms also have the potential to either improve or degrade the real-world energy efficiency of a host vehicle, with enormous energy implications when considering the vehicle fleet. Testing concepts for gauging the energy efficiency impacts of ADAS will be presented.