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Kevin Kefauver

As technical director at GCAPS, Dr Kefauver is responsible for modeling and simulation of vehicle dynamic systems for advanced vehicle system simulation, development of advanced data processing algorithms for reducing and analyzing data, development of test programs, and evaluation of test results to solve research questions and support product development and validation. Dr Kefauver is skilled in state-of-the-art modeling and simulation techniques, methods and mathematical models, as well as computer simulations for the development and evaluation of advanced vehicle systems using naturalistic driving data and other data sources.


Safety models, Simulation, and Naturalistic Driving Data: Advancing the Safety of Automated Driving Systems

Models and simulation techniques that support the virtual safety evaluation of Automated Driving Systems are available for use to support system safety evaluation. Examples of virtual safety evaluation techniques include reachable set safety models that can be used to compute safety metrics and simulation techniques that consider a large number of test cases that allow for exploration of the system design space. These areas can benefit by leveraging real-world Naturalistic Driving Data to support the selection of safety model parameters and to identify important parameters and their ranges for test case creation. This presentation will explore how Naturalistic Driving data can be used to support the computation of safety metrics based on Intel’s Responsibility-Sensitive Safety model and how Naturalistic Driving data can be used to identify Automated Driving System behaviors and associated parameters, define behavioral competency, and support test case generation for simulation.