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Laszlo Virag

Laszlo received his MSc from the Budapest University of Technology and Economics (BME) in electrical engineering in 2008. He was involved in several automotive related and embedded systems projects in the past years, such as in the European FP6 CVIS, ITSSv6 FP7 projects. His research interests are sensor networks and microwave technologies capable to fulfil the needs of low power communications. Currently he is working on ITS communication related problems, specifically smart city applications and deployments and examines the possibilities of the integration of multi- and crossmodal communications, V2X and 5G technologies to enhance traffic safety in cities and intersections. He supervises Commsignia’s technological contribution as well as being responsible for the hardware prototyping design team.


How V2X can make the “invisible visible”

Over 75 percent of bicycle road fatalities happen because drivers just don’t see smaller vehicles. On-board car sensors help a lot to cover blind spots, but under certain conditions the warnings come too late. Laszlo can explain how V2X not only provides a real-time data flow between traffic participants in a wider area, but this technology has the added benefit of seeing through walls. Additionally, he can get technical and explain the connectivity processes and expand upon how: • No network coverage is needed for road safety applications • Anonymized identifiers ensure data privacy • Messages contain essential traffic information such as position, heading and speed of road users