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Mike Dempsey

Mike is the founder and Managing Director of Claytex, a TECHNIA company. Having studied Automotive Engineering, Mike has spent the past 25 years working on the development of simulation tools focused on systems engineering and understanding the physics of how vehicles behave. This led to the integration of vehicle physics models with DiL systems for motorsport and subsequently the development of our autonomous vehicle simulation solution, AVSandbox, within which we develop physics-based sensor models and scenario based testing tools.


Using edge cases to test an AV in simulation

Within the D-Risk project we have been developing a sensor realistic simulation environment that allows the AV to be immersed into a virtual world. We use scenarios to test and challenge the AV and a particularly important aspect of this is the simulation of edge cases so that we can verify that the system is safe to operate within its ODD. We will demonstrate how an Autoware based control system can be immersed into the simulation environment and tested.