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Eric Aguilar

Eric Aguilar is co-founder and CEO of Omnitron Sensors. Eric began his career in core sensor design at U.S. Navy Research Labs, and its spinoff, Lumedyne, which Google acquired for US$85M. He transitioned to developing autonomous systems. At Google X Project Wing, he helped to perfect autonomous flight for commercial delivery drones. At Tesla, he led a team of 300 engineers enabling autopilot in Model 3. Eric also led the sensor integration efforts for a fleet of robo-taxis at Argo AI, a self-driving company funded by Ford and VW. Eric holds an engineering degree from California State Polytechnic University.


Fix the Optical Subsystem, Fix LiDAR

While highly promising, today’s optical subsystems for LiDAR remain fragile, large, expensive to build and maintain, overly susceptible to environmental conditions, and inconsistent in their performance. We can reach the full potential of LiDAR by fixing the optical subsystems on which LiDAR systems rely. With experience that spans core sensor development and systems integration, Eric Aguilar learned first-hand what automotive integrators need for affordable, reliable, long-range LiDAR systems. He’ll both review the pros and cons of today’s optical subsystems—and will introduce a new cost-effective MEMS scanning mirror for LiDAR that ticks all the boxes for automotive integrators and manufacturers.