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Bernhard Kockoth

Bernhard Kockoth is the Global Technology Scout at ViGEM. Like many automotive software experts, Bernhard moves around to always have interesting work - Bernhard worked for Bosch, Johnson Controls Automotive Electronics, Intel and QNX-Blackberry in drivetrain, infotainment, and ADAS, combined with a broad background in high performance embedded systems he now explores future data management solutions for the efficient development and validation of safe and secure automated driving functions.


Current Trends in High Performance Automotive Data Logging

The verification and validation of ADAS systems for automated driving requires the accurate recording of high data rates from sensors and vehicle busses in real world use. High performance data loggers record every bit from high resolution raw video streams. In 2019 ViGEM introduced distributed logging which places capture modules and adapter probes close to data sources and transmits the thus collected and timestamped data over robust Ethernet connections to central storage. After four years of successful worldwide deployments, we present a scalable solution with new data logger that fits into existing data capture setups.