Canceled due to continuing C19 complications – decision made June 14, 2021

When we started work on the Hannover project back in late February, we truly believed that the concept of a mainly outdoor event with live demos was entirely possible. A huge amount of work has gone into putting on this event and we certainly had every reasonable expectation that we could do something that would provide a valuable connection between our automotive and autonomous communities and exhibitors and their technology suppliers past, present and future.

While accepting that Covid-19 has been a horrid illness that has caused the deaths of so many people, we did not factor in three things: political point-scoring, ongoing media hype and a complete unwillingness by the authorities to take into account changing circumstances. The infection rate in Germany has now dropped to very low and we were given the green light two weeks ago to proceed with the event. Then last week we saw more news headlines about the new Indian variant and we had some exhibitors pull out due to the general air of uncertainty. Adding to the situation, I was refused entry into Germany despite putting in a special request to the relevant authorities. My head of event logistics and operations, Annika Gleichmann – a German national – was informed that she would be required to quarantine for 14 days on arrival and 10 further days when re-entering the UK. Yet we both come from parts of England where the Covid-19 rate is classified as too low to calculate/not applicable.

With great regret – and not just for our own travel reasons – we have had to cancel the event. I think if we had pushed on with it and it hadn’t been a great success, it would have been entirely unacceptable for our exhibitors to be told, “Actually, there is nobody here from the organizing company”. The same would have applied to our visitors.

I’m sure we all look forward to renewed success for everyone in Europe in the near future, when we will once again come together and put on a fantastic display of technologies for the automotive test and development community.

With best regards and apologies for not pulling the Hannover event through.

Tony Robinson
CEO, UKi Media & Events Ltd

An opportunity to meet leading test & validation technology suppliers in a safe, open-air, socially distanced environment — come and see the latest iterations of new and rapidly developing technologies for YOUR test programs. PLUS ‘live’ demo vehicles and REAL-TIME 5G data streaming from vehicles on-site and on the surrounding autobahns and public road networks

16,000m2 Open-Span meeting zone

Utilizing the 16,000m2 open-span roof + very low-density exhibition halls with fresh airflow for FULL exhibitor displays

event area

open-air Meeting zone and exhibitor display space

7m-wide aisles, 16,000m2 open-air meeting zone
High-speed internet and full 5G
Low-density exhibition booths in four adjoining halls!

on-site Demo area with 5G
plus ‘Live’ data from public highway testing

With ‘live’ autonomous and other vehicle test demonstrations with full 5G at the Messe and the potential to incorporate the Test Bed Lower Saxony Autonomous Vehicle Road Network for vehicle testing and analytics, with real-time data streaming

exhibition halls

Exhibition Stand Rates

Booth costs are calculated on a sliding-scale basis:

Up to and including 36m2 is at a cost of €490 per m2

40m2 to 60m2 is at a cost of €460 per m2

In excess of 60m2 is at a cost of €415 per m2

Standard Rates

Size of booth Euro
12m2 5,880
15m2 7,350
20m2 9,800
30m2 14,700
40m2 18,400
50m2 23,000
60m2 27,600
70m2 29,050
80m2 33,200
90m2 37,350
100m2 41,500
Meeting Area Euro Suitability
24m2 8,820 8 People in total*
18m2 6,615 6 People in total*
12m2 4,410 4 People in total*

Once a booth site is confirmed and secured, a full exhibitor pack will be supplied, outlining all booth elements and services available from our on-site contractors, plus costings as appropriate.

All the standard international exhibition services and support will be available together with full audio-visual, video editing and post-production facilities.

* Includes table, chairs and logo