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Bright ideas in lidar
Luminar Technologies - Stand: AV4080

Visitors looking for the latest advances in lidar technology should pay a visit to Luminar, whose sensor platform combines the performance and manufacturability needed to enable efficient and accurate AV perception systems. Luminar designed its lidar system with a new architecture from the chip level up. Rather than buying off-the-shelf silicon chips, the company has developed its own highly sensitive InGaAs chip by using a fraction of an InGaAs wafer, thus keeping costs down and performance up.

This way, Luminar has succeeded in creating what it says is the first dynamically configurable system operating at 1550nm, a big step up from the usual 905nm. It captures millions of points per second, with each point able to detect low-reflectivity objects at more than 200m away, and, according to the company, emit 40 times more power, achieve 50 times greater resolution and 10 times longer range than current systems. Over the past year, Luminar has created 3D lidar data infrastructure, labeling, and annotation tools to take full advantage of the new level of data quality produced by its sensors.

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