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Log management made easy
Applied Intuition

In ADAS and AV development, log data is any collected real-world data corresponding to the autonomous task at hand. Log data management is one of the most important tasks every program needs to master. Test fleets collect on average 4TB of data per vehicle per day. Production fleets can generate millions of events daily.

Log data powers various workflows for different teams. One of these workflows is log-based test case creation. Creating test cases from real-world data is an effective way to resolve long-tail issues found during real-world testing and protect against future regressions.

The workflow involves the following steps: create a test case to reproduce the issue; make a code change to resolve it; use the test case to confirm the issue’s resolution; and add the test case to a regression suite to ensure the issue does not reappear.

Applied Intuition will be in Stuttgart to explain how it can help perception, localization and motion planning teams improve their modules with a sophisticated log management platform. Applied’s solutions help teams automatically extract interesting events, visualize 3D data and identify key events in real-world logs. Teams can create re-simulation tests to reproduce issues deterministically, accurately and reliably.

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