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Virtual test scenario preparation
ESI Group - Stand: AV5025

ESI Group will highlight its Pro-SiVIC virtual prototyping platform which allows engineers to carry out physically realistic 3D simulations of environments and sensors. New for this year is an independent tool that performs scenario preparation based on open scenarios. ESI contends that such a method could help at a very early stage of the development to define and share a common understanding of the relevant use cases in which the system will operate.

Data from the perception systems is key in the performance and reliability of AVs, as well as the decisions they make when faced with a critical situation. With the physical detection hardware often only available at a late stage of development, virtual software development and testing is crucial, and the new tool will help with that. Using its high-fidelity sensor models for complex scenarios, ESI’s Pro-SiVIC creates high-fidelity synthetic data that can be used for development.

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Future show: Autonomous Vehicle Technology Expo 2021, June 8, 9, 10, 2021, Hall 6, Messe Stuttgart, Germany
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