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Seamless neural network training

Discover Cognata Datalab, an innovative solution revolutionizing the training and evaluation of autonomous vehicle (AV) and advanced driver assistance system (ADAS) performance, at this year’s show in Stuttgart. This state-of-the-art system utilizes synthetic data and an advanced simulation system to seamlessly train and fine-tune neural networks, resulting in more reliable and robust autonomous systems.

Cognata Datalab has been specifically designed to ingest synthetic data tailored for AV and ADAS applications, curating and filtering it according to end user settings. This process ensures a balanced data set without biasing the machine learning model. The system further refines the neural networks by dividing the data set into training and correction sets and iteratively fine-tuning the network using the Cognata simulation system for optimal performance.

With its comprehensive performance evaluation phase, Cognata Datalab identifies performance gaps and missing data, leading to substantial improvements. Don't miss the opportunity to explore this groundbreaking technology that is shaping the future of autonomous systems.

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