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Multimodal sensor

The L3CAM from Beamagine is a novel type of multimodal sensor designed to eliminate the hardware pain experienced by your software team. It aims for fast setup in vehicles targeting data collection campaigns. In a single 19x18x12cm box, the sensor encloses a high-resolution lidar sensor, an RGB camera and a thermal camera with a 60° FOV. The lidar sensor is fully solid-state and suited for rough data collection campaigns thanks to its IP67 enclosure. Data streaming is achieved through a single ethernet cable and all imaging modes are already fused thanks to an in-house, proprietary calibration and data fusion algorithms.

The L3CAM includes also an internal edge computer that can run AI perception algorithms and is accessible and programmable through a connection port. Customization of the performance of the L3CAM and relevant sensors is also possible, including the use of foveated cameras with multiple FOV and the use of any type of imagers (polarimetric, thermal, neuromorphic, radar, etc). Applications are focused on autonomous vehicles of all kinds (automotive, railway, maritime, defense, space).

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