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Data from simulation: from millions to hundreds

Simulation allows engineers to quickly test and refine the functionalities of autonomous mobile machines in a safe, controlled environment, improving the performance of the algorithms and the reliability and robustness of vehicles before real-world deployment – thereby significantly reducing development cost and time-to-market.

The industry now recognizes the value and benefits of synthetic sensor data. As demand for relevant data increases, developers are facing the challenge of data-converging edge cases. Creating and maintaining millions of scenarios is looming for those who do not control their data generation.

AILiveSim empowers users by letting them focus on what really matters and the automation of data selection. Thanks to procedural content exposing thousands of parameters, users can quickly get more of the right data, all with intelligent automation. Users can swiftly import scenarios from real cases to explore variations to discover the limits of their systems.

AILiveSim is a user-friendly platform that supports applications for machine perception and autonomous machines. Train, test and validate systematically and get benefits throughout the product lifecycle, from concept to marketing and sales support.

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