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Datalogger and HIL system

The new Xylon Quattro datalogger and HIL system are futureproofed and ready to support automotive development and testing up to L5 autonomy. With 128Gbps of datalogging and playback bandwidth, 128TB of internal data storage, the industry’s best automotive interfacing, open software architecture and HIL capabilities, it offers an unprecedented feature set.

Xylon Quattro directly connects up to 16 video cameras, with resolutions up to 32MP, via current LVDS interfaces such as GMSL2 and FPD-Link III. It will also support upcoming interfaces including FPD-Link IV, MIPI A-Phy, etc.

It supports not only more than 20 low- and mid-speed automotive interfaces such as CAN, LIN and FlexRay but also different combinations of up to 16x 1/2.5/10GbE Ethernet and automotive Ethernet channels. Xylon’s unique programmable FPGA hardware engine integrated with the complete PC offers new possibilities in datalogging and HIL playback, AI triggering and filtering, automated scripted testing, etc.

Xylon Quattro offers open software architecture to enable user customizations and modularity, e.g. high-speed sensor emulation and support for existing and emerging protocols and services management (SOME/IP, RTSP, DDS). Integrated 5G and wi-fi hardware enable remote management of dataloggers and in-vehicle internet connectivity.

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