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Test bench logger

Measurement technology specialist ViGEM has extended its mobile high-end series CCA 9010 with the new CCA 9010-50BE. This test bench logger is designed for the validation of automated driver assistance functions in laboratories and development and production environments. As a further development of the CCA 9010-50 datalogger, the new model reliably records raw data from high-resolution cameras, radar and lidar sensors, as well as automotive standard buses and ethernet, at continuous data rates of up to 10Gbps. For applications in the laboratory, on test benches and in production environments, the CCA 9010-50BE is equipped with a 100-240 V AC power connection and uses a RAID array of standard U.2 NVMe SSDs as storage medium.

In addition to the validation of onboard networks, the new datalogger from ViGEM can also be used for tests of ECU software during development or in HIL setups. A wide range of software features, such as programmable triggering, pre-labeling or gPTP-synchronized timestamps, have been implemented. The software also supports the latest ASAM measurement adapter communication standard, CMP, and is compatible with various capture modules used in the automotive industry.

With up to 40 interfaces, the ViGEM datalogger forms the core of a state-of-the-art distributed datalogging system. The decentralized concept allows the system to be flexibly and quickly adapted to new project requirements as well as integrated into existing toolchains.

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