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Jochen Steinhauer

Jochen Steinhauer is the Automotive Region Manager for Swift Navigation and supports OEM and Tier 1 suppliers across Europe to enable precise positioning solutions that provide for better navigation and ADAS or V2X functionality. He has previous experience working for a leading V2X stack and GNSS module vendors and was responsible for running semiconductor distributors for Atmel in certain regions across EMEA and direct accounts for NEC (today Renesas) in the Building Automation space. He holds a graduate Engineer in communication technology.


Integrity—Localization beyond accuracy

Localization is a vehicle’s ability to identify where it is in the world. For autonomous vehicles, accurately and quickly locating themselves in their environment is critical. The autonomous sensor suite consists of many sensors – including but not limited to optical, ranging and inertial – providing relative position. High-accuracy GNSS is the only absolute position sensor to provide the accuracy and confidence that autonomy requires. Sensors are only as good as the confidence in the output. This session will look at how integrating integrity into the autonomous sensor suite improves overall system safety.