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Vimal Rau Aparow

Ir. Ts. Dr. Vimal Rau Aparow is working as Assistant Professor at Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering, University of Nottingham Malaysia. He is the Principal Researcher of Automated Vehicle Engineering System (AVES) research group. He has been awarded with SG Academies South-East Asia Fellowship by Singapore National Academy of Science for research project focusing on validation of virtual safety testing of autonomous vehicle at CETRAN, Energy Research Institute @ Nanyang Technological University, Singapore. His recent research interests also include in 3D virtual test driving for ground autonomous vehicle and testing the autonomous vehicle using hardware-in-the-loop and vehicle-in-the-loop simulations


Virtual safety assessment of autonomous vehicle for Malaysian environment

There are several challenges that need to be focused once emphasizing on the scenario-based testing of autonomous vehicle in Malaysian road and traffic environment. Hence, a safety assessment in virtual platform for autonomous vehicle is required as part of the homologation process to further enhance the deployment of autonomous vehicles in developing countries, such as Malaysia. The platform can be used as the first layer of testing procedure for autonomous vehicles using various type of scenarios and testing standards before focusing on physical testing.