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Emil Knabe

Emil Knabe is a software engineer (M.Sc Computing Science and Engineering, Umeå University, Sweden) at Volvo Cars with special interest and experience within simulation and visualization. Last 5 years he has increasingly been involved in the development of ASAM OpenSCENARIO 1.X standard and the open source traffic simulator esmini.


esmini and scenariogeneration - Open source tools for open standards

In recent years, the open ASAM standards (such as OpenDRIVE and OpenSCENARIO, Open Simulation Interface) has emerged as big players in the AD/ADAS simulation community. To build a common understanding on how the standards should be interpreted, open-source tools has one big advantage: They are open for everyone. esmini and scenariogeneration are examples of such tools, stimulating the spread, usage and harmonization of the standards. This presentation will introduce these tools and show a few use cases.