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Oscar Slotosch

Oscar Slotosch is founder and CEO of Validas AG. Validas AG is the only company specialized on Tool and Library Qualification worldwide. Oscar is expert about Tool and Library Qualification and runs a podcast about Tool & Library Qualification Oscar studied computer science and did his phd in the field of formal methods for correct software


Tool and Library Qualification according to ISO 26262

In the presentation we provide the basic requirements from ISO 26262 for tool qualification and library qualification. We explain how the tool confidence level is computed and provide examples. We present the arguments for and against tool qualification: Either the tools have to be used "carefully" or they have to be validated. Since library software is part of the product the requirements are higher and will be also presented in the talk, together with reccommendations how to identify only the used functions in order to reduce qualification efforts. We present a set of documents that help to pass every assessment