2017 Exhibtion Interviews


Moritz von Grotthuss, chief executive officer at Gestigon, discusses the company and its human-centric software interface, which provides state-of-the-art skeleton tracking that allows devices and technology to interpret human motions in parallel and identify soft biometrics based on skeletal features, helping to identify a particular user and enable personalisation.

FAAR Industry

Randolph Toom, director of innovation at FAAR Industry, talks about the company, which is a Tier 1 supplier for low-volume electronic control solutions in mobility and robotics, and a specialist in the supply of embedded control systems based on off-the-shelf and bespoke solutions, vehicle robotisation and automation of vehicles.


Nicolas du Lac, chief executive officer of Intempora, talks about RTMaps, a powerful, modular development environment that allows teams to focus on advanced algorithms and manage multiple high-bandwidth datastreams from various sensors including cameras, lidar and HD maps. This allows them to address multiple applications such as perception, data fusion, decision making, driver monitoring, advanced HMIs and data recording.


Filip Geuens, chief executive officer of XenomatiX, discusses the company’s latest solid-state lidar technology, which allows vehicles to digitise and understand in real time the road ahead and its surroundings, with unprecedented detection reliability in all weather and light conditions.

Ann Arbor SPARK

Paul Krutko, president and chief executive officer at Ann Arbor SPARK, the economic growth engine for the Ann Arbor region, talks about plans to develop the American Center for Mobility, a purpose-built facility where global automotive and technology companies will test and validate autonomous vehicles.

CMORE Automotive and B-Plus

Adrian Bertl, product marketing at B-Plus, and Gregor Matenaer, co-founder and managing director of CMORE Automotive, discuss the partnership between the companies, which is helping manufacturers take a step closer to autonomous vehicle production with technologies such as the high-performance measurement technology platform BRICK and the multi-sensor data recorder AVETO.rec from B-Plus, as well as turnkey solutions for ADAS and autonomous driving validation from CMORE Automotive.

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