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Major automotive and tech companies team up on automotive networking

Bosch, Continental, Nvidia, Volkswagen Group of America and Aquantia have formed the Networking for Autonomous Vehicles (NAV) Alliance to collaborate on developing the next generation of Multi-Gig Ethernet networking inside vehicles.

The partnership is a response to the demand for high-speed in-vehicle communications required for the correct operation of AVs and CAVs. It aims to develop an ecosystem for next-generation multi-gig Ethernet automotive networking; create specifications for interoperability, security and reliability of the in-vehicle network; and promote products and solutions that adhere to the new specifications.

“Redundant and diverse AI algorithms are the key to Level 5 automation. However, the volume of data generated by multiple types of sensors (camera, radar, lidar, ultrasound) can reach 32TB every eight hours – that level of data transfer calls for a new breed of ultra-high-speed networks, including Multi-gig Ethernet. The NAV Alliance will catalyse the development of a reliable next generation of networking platform for self-driving cars,” said James Hodgson, senior analyst – autonomous driving at ABI Research.

The NAV Alliance will also establish standards body liaisons and work on marketing to build awareness and educate the market place and users.

Viktor Molnar, SVP of body electronics, Robert Bosch, said, “Making fully automated driving and the vision of an accident-free future reality depends to a crucial extent on seamless in-vehicle communication. To help fulfil the Level 4 and 5 requirements of the NAV Alliance’s development and testing work, Bosch supplies vehicle computers, central gateways, and high-resolution cameras and sensors. Together with our alliance partners, we are therefore contributing to the creation of a standardized network that is safe, reliable, and redundant, and helping bring autonomous driving to our roads.”

Dr Matthias Erb, chief engineering officer of VW Group America, commented, “Volkswagen Group of America is pleased to join the NAV Alliance as a founding member because we are aiming to provide the best self-driving experience for our customers. The Volkswagen team is looking forward to collaborating with other alliance members to advance the safety and ease of use for autonomous vehicles while bringing them to market faster.” 

By Illya Verpraet

June 28, 2018

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