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Day One: aiMotive demonstrates its cloud-based testing and validation tool

aiMotive is showing visitors the latest generation of aiSim, the world’s first ISO 26262-certified simulator. According to Bence Boda, the company’s marketing and communications manager, safety is the most critical ADAS and AD software development principle. Speed and cost of development are also crucial driving forces. “One needs an automotive-grade toolchain to address all these aspects of ADAS and AD software development,” explained Bence. “With ISO 26262, such toolchain providers are certified to comply with the automotive development and testing processes.

“aiSim is a purpose-built testing and validation tool for AD and ADAS software development. The proprietary rendering engine ensures a physics-accurate, deterministic operation that overcomes the limitations of non-deterministic gaming engine-based simulators. As the AV industry requires credible and reproducible results, ISO 26262-certified tools have an inherent USP in the automotive industry.

“aiSim's essence is its purpose-built rendering engine, which ensures deterministic operation with verified results. At the same time, it helps meet the demand for highly realistic sensor simulation to achieve the highest-possible correlation between real-world and simulated tests. Its operation is based on realistic sensor simulation through physically correct weather simulation and procedurally generated light intensity. aiSim is designed to be a simulation platform that can be easily integrated into existing development pipelines.

“With ADAS and AD software becoming a remarkable piece of the automotive industry, the demand for scalable testing increases significantly. Cloud-based simulation can help meet this ever-increasing demand while making it easy for stakeholders to execute large-scale simulations in the cloud.

“More and more stakeholders in the automotive industry recognize the value of the simulation to develop, test and validate ADAS and AD systems. Moreover, the regulation is also going in the direction of virtual validation. Consequently, simulation is increasingly becoming an integral part of the AV industry.

“Since aiSim was developed in-house from the start for validating and testing self-driving systems, we chose the Autonomous Vehicle Technology Zone. Automotive manufacturers and their suppliers are our primary target group.”

Niall Berkery, aiMotive's SVP North America, said at the show, “We’re exhibiting in the Autonomous Vehicle Technology Zone as the overall audience on the testing, validation and proving side is very applicable for us.”

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