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Day Two: NI announces new test systems to ensure safer autonomous vehicles

NI is using Automotive Testing Expo to announce the release of two new systems that will test various vehicle technologies to ensure that safe and reliable autonomous vehicles reach the market.

According to Brenda Vargas, senior solutions manager at NI, auto makers know that 5G deployment depends heavily on standard definition and refining, primarily by 3GPP. The release of 5G NR-V2X with SEA, a German product and system integration company providing test and measurement systems, can better support the testing of autonomous vehicle technologies.

In addition, the company has announced its latest ADAS and AD offering: a unified test system architecture that moves iteratively between data replay and hardware-in-the-loop (HIL) testing.

“The NI Replay and HIL AD system can aggregate and inject real-world road test data or simulation scenarios to test ADAS ECUs,” explained Vargas. “The company’s unique approach ensures full validation test coverage for ADAS/AD functions, making existing data more usable throughout the entire product lifecycle.”

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