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Day One: Technology Presentation Stage: Autonomous Solutions demonstrates robotic choreographed testing for ADAS/AVs
Autonomous Solutions Inc (ASI)

Day 1 of Automotive Testing Expo is not just about product launches and innovations on the exhibition floor. On the Technology Presentation Stage, visitors are hearing from more than 40 speakers, including Jed Judd, automotive product manager at Autonomous Solutions Inc (ASI), who has been talking about Robotic choreographed testing for ADAS/AVs.

Speaking at 11am this morning, Judd revealed how, alongside a world-leading OEM, ASI has developed autonomous technology capable of choreographed testing of ADAS/AV systems. The company calls this technology Swarming.

Driven by robotic systems, autonomous vehicles are capable of tighter, more accurate positioning than manned vehicles can safely perform. Swarming uses vehicle-to-vehicle and vehicle-to-server communications with advanced control algorithms, ensuring autonomous vehicles will be posed at predefined positions and velocities at given times. The technology fully exercises the responses of the entire ADAS/AV systems required for autonomous driving. When triggered, Mobius – ASI’s command and control software — releases control to the ADAS/AV system while continually monitoring safety, ready to regain control instantly if conditions are not nominal.

Jaren Devey, ASI's automotive development manager, said, “We realize that testing high-speed collision anticipation and avoidance is simply too dangerous for human drivers, yet the need for this is now. Our solution is to use robot drivers during these dangerous testing phases, so that OEMs can test their vehicles to the extreme limits of their engineering while ensuring the safety of everyone involved.”

ASI reveal that this robotic system is already giving value in durability, misuse, impact, noise and vibration, ADA/AV systems, and more use cases.

According to Judd, ASI has attended Automotive Testing Expo North America for several years and has found it to be a great place to showcase the advantages of using robotic test drivers on proving grounds for OEMs and Tier suppliers. The company looks forward to meeting more potential customers and exploring how its solutions can help solve their use cases.

The company is also showcasing its technologies on the exhibition floor. Visit the ASI booth to find out more.

Booth: 6024

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