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Triple-band antenna and smart GNSS signal splitter

Tallysman Wireless, a Canadian manufacturer of high-precision GNSS antennas and accessories, will demonstrate its automotive-certified triple-band antenna (TWA928L) and smart GNSS signal splitter (TW162A) at the expo.

First-generation code-based automotive GNSS navigation systems provided positions accurate to a few meters (1-5m) and relied on the mapping system to locate the car on the road. In challenging environments such as urban canyons, the sky-view affected the geometry of the position fix, and GNSS signal multipath (reflections) from nearby buildings further deteriorated the accuracy of the derived position.

Modern advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) make use of GNSS phase measurements and advanced position techniques such as real-time kinematics (RTK) or precise point positioning (PPP). To achieve RTK or PPP accuracy, a high-quality GNSS antenna and receiver are required.

Tallysman’s high-precision GNSS antennas have features that support precise phase tracking and strongly mitigate both multipath and out-of-band RF signals. To measure a strong, clean, pure GNSS signal, the antenna location and installation are important because the quality of the signal can be severely affected by the surrounding automotive structure.

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