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Cloud-based data management and analytics

Software has become a keystone in the strategy of the automotive industry.

Testing and validating automated driving functions involves billions of test miles and huge amounts of data. The architecture and systems for autonomous vehicles have become increasingly complex and data intensive, with tens of terabytes of recorded sensor data available daily. To accelerate the test and development of autonomous vehicles, automotive engineering teams need smart, collaborative, efficient software tools capable of handling all the test-drive data to continuously improve and test safety-critical perception and complex autonomous driving systems.

To tackle these challenges, Intempora will present its Intempora Validation Suite (IVS), a cloud-based data management and analytics tool for automated driving. IVS covers the testing and validation cycle from the early stages of data collection and curation through to automated annotation. It can search and find the relevant data with a fast search engine, then test, benchmark and validate autonomous driving software functions against relevant data and situations.

Powered by the scalability, flexibility and high performance of big data architectures, IVS ensures customers get the most out of their cloud infrastructure and substantially reduce offline testing duration and cost.

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