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Optical sensors for lidar
Hamamatsu Photonics Deutschland GmbH

From flash to scanning, ToF to FMCW, 905nm to 1,550nm and APD to SPAD, many considerations must be made when designing a new lidar module. However, all designs require an optical sensor. As a generalist in the optics field with more than 25 years’ experience in automotive, Hamamatsu Photonics offers an unbiased opinion on different sensor technologies, from single-channel photodiodes to SPPC (SPAD) arrays.

With the ability to customize its technology to meet requirements and application conditions, Hamamatsu collaborates with customers to create the best-possible solution, ensuring they not only receive the most appropriate optical sensors but also achieve successful integration of ASIC.

With lidar technology forever evolving, the trend for long-range lidar is turning to SPAD arrays and SiPMs.
As a pioneer in these kinds of sensors, Hamamatsu works continuously to maximize key performance parameters such as crosstalk, afterpulse/longtail and the photon detection efficiency of its products.
While working with customers to develop new lidar design concepts, it became apparent to Hamamatsu that there was increasing need for ASIC integration in the entire optical sensor design, particularly for larger two-dimensional arrays with multiple output channels. These hybrid sensors and ASICs are tremendously advantageous in signal processing and miniaturization.

During 2022, functions such as multi-echo detection, noise and ambient light removal, pixel and column select TDC (time to digital converter) will become available in Hamamatsu’s optical sensors.

With the wide variety of lidar types available for different applications, the company strives to offer its customers tailor-made yet affordable sensors, accompanied by individual ASICs.

Specialists from Hamamatsu will be on hand in Stuttgart to answer any product or application questions.

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